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Maintaining the cooling system in your car, truck or sport utility vehicle saves you money and time! Your vehicles’ cooling system plays a vital role in keeping it operating reliably and within specified temperature ranges. When your cooling system is not functioning properly, it can cause increasingly sluggish performance, odd smells and eventually will damage your engine and transmission if left unchecked, potentially stranding you on the side of the road and incurring large repair bills!

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Cooling System Maintenance

Pouring antifreeze in a car.
Maintaining your cooling system is by far more convenient and less costly than performing repairs on it. Things like exchanging your old, broken down coolant with fresh coolant, inspecting your hoses and fittings and cleaning your radiator fins can go a long way towards ensuring the reliability of your vehicle. If you haven’t serviced your cooling system recently, be sure to give us a call or use our online appointment request form to get your car in for cooling system service!

Cooling System Repair

If your cooling system is failing you, getting it serviced as soon as possible is very important so that no damage is caused to the engine, transmission or other related components. Heat is the enemy of any engine and without a functioning cooling system you vehicle has a significantly reduced ability to remove it. The best bet is to get your car in for service at the first sign of overheating or coolant leaks. Need an appointment? Give us a call at   (626) 966-5212 or click the button below to request one.

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