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Brake Service AzusaDo you need brake service in Azusa? Brakes are a component that will need routine maintenance throughout the life of your vehicle. It’s important to keep up on any necessary brake repairs because this system is key to your safety. If your brakes are compromised, your car can be dangerous to drive, especially in wet, sandy, or uneven road conditions. Keep yourself – and any passengers – safe by making sure you get an inspection if your suspect it’s time for service.

Signs Your Vehicle Needs Brake Repair

  • Squealing sound while driving or braking
  • Squishy brakes that require more force from the pedal to stop the vehicle
  • Your car vibrates when braking
  • Leaking brake fluid
  • Your car pulls to one side when braking
  • Burning smell while driving
  • Your car bounces up and down when you stop quickly

If your vehicle is experiencing any of these problems, you need to come to Johnny’s Auto for a brake system inspection immediately. We offer professional brake service for Azusa drivers, including inspection, replacing brake pads, and resurfacing and replacing rotors.

When someone says they need new brakes, they are usually referring to their brake pads. When the driver presses the brake pedal, the brake pads create friction by pressing down on the rotors to stop the car’s wheels from spinning. The brake rotors disperse heat throughout the vehicle to keep the brakes from overheating. Both the pads and rotors are essential to keeping the system working properly. When we complete a brake system inspection, we check the fluid, pads, and rotors for signs of wear and tear.

When you need brake service in Azusa, the most common repair job is brake pad replacement. Since the pads clamp down on the rotor to stop the car, they are the component that wears out the most often. There are other issues that can occur with the brakes as well. That’s why it’s critical to bring your vehicle to a professional repair facility when it needs brake repairs. Johnny’s Auto has been serving the area – including Covina, Azusa, San Dimas, Baldwin Park, and beyond – for over forty years. We are looking forward to forty more!

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