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Get your brake service near San Dimas at the conveniently located Johnny’s Auto Service! Our professional, ASE-certified auto technicians can perform a brake system inspection to determine whether your brake pads are getting close to needing replacement or whether your brakes themselves are showing significant wear and tear. Your brakes are one of the most important safety features of your car, and keeping it functioning well is in your best interest. If you need new brakes, it’s better to know sooner rather than later.

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Brake Service San Dimas

As we tell all our customers, the best way to avoid major auto repairs for your vehicle is by bringing it in for routine maintenance on schedule. Doing so keeps your car in the best possible shape and allows our auto technicians to identify issues early before they get worse. If they notice your timing belt is wearing out or your transmission is sticking, they can give you a heads-up so that you can properly budget and plan for that eventual replacement or repair. Same goes for brakes. When we do regular brake service at our auto service center near San Dimas, we’ll be able to determine when you’ll need new brake pads or brake repair and let you know. This not only makes you aware of the situation so you can take better care of your car, it also prevents sticker shock. If your car ever makes strange sounds or you notice an odd smell when you brake or otherwise, it’s definitely time to come in for a brake system inspection so that things don’t get any worse. Squeaking, squealing, creaking, or clunking are all signs of brake issues, or possibly other issues. If you come in early, you could find out it’s something as simple as needing replacement brake pads, but if you wait too long, the cost of the repair could skyrocket.

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