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When your check engine light comes on while driving around San Dimas, you may not know where to go right away. No worries, help is nearby. All you have to do is call Johnny’s Auto Service and we can have you come in for a car diagnostic test to determine what’s going on. Running your auto diagnostics is the best way to figure our why your engine light came on. It’s possible to purchase a device to read diagnostics at home or go to a quick-stop shop and have them do it, but only a professionally certified auto technician will be able to read between the lines and spot a bad reading if one exists.

Check Engine Light San Dimas

If your check engine light comes on anywhere in San Dimas, first you should know whether or not it’s a pressing emergency. If the engine light comes on and stays lit, that means that your engine has thrown a code that tells your vehicle’s computer system that something’s wrong, but it’s not an emergency. It’s safe to drive home and call to make an appointment there. However, if the engine light is blinking, that means you should pull over immediately and call for assistance. A blinking light indicates a serious problem that should be taken care of promptly. Don’t attempt to drive your car more than necessary when the light is blinking. Ideally, you should pull over as soon as possible and call for a tow to your favorite auto service center so they can run a car diagnostic test and figure out what’s wrong. Engine diagnostics are determined with a code reader or special computer, though a visual inspection of the engine may reveal that it’s throwing a false code. This is why it’s important to go to an experienced auto technician, like those who work here at Johnny’s Auto Service. An at-home test may give you one code, but the problem may be with something else. Since codes can mean anything from “glitch in the system” to “catastrophic engine failure,” it’s worth your while to trust a pro.

If your check engine light illuminates when you’re in San Dimas or any of the surrounding areas, you can find our shop at 239 E San Bernardino Rd Ste A, Covina, CA. Give us a call at 626-966-5212 to make an appointment. We’ll get it figured out!