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Get your next smog check near San Dimas at Johnny’s Auto Service. We’re a leading independent auto service center with ASE-Certified technicians and an AAA-Approval rating. Our auto shop acts as a smog check and repair station for any vehicle that requires inspection or fixing. In the state of California, passing a smog test is required in order to keep your registered vehicle on the road, so it’s important not to neglect it.

Smog Check San Dimas

We care about our air quality, especially since Southern California has a significant smog problem, especially during hot weather. In order to make the air more breathable for everyone, car manufacturers are slowly but surely moving to cars that drive cleaner. However, many cars still develop emissions issues as they age, which is why getting a routine smog check in San Dimas is such a priority. If your car is due for a check, you’ll receive notification along with your registration payment information. For your vehicle registration to be accepted, you must go to a certified smog check and repair station to have them run a diagnostic and clear your car. If your vehicle fails the test, you’ll be required to make necessary auto repairs and retest before you can register for the next year. The good news is that a smog check station can automatically file your information, so you don’t have to send anything in yourself. Once you’ve been given the okay, you simply have to mail in your registration payment or pay online and you’re all set.

Don’t procrastinate on getting your smog check here in San Dimas! You can find our shop at 239 E San Bernardino Rd Ste A, Covina, CA. Give us a call at 626-966-5212 to make an appointment. Our shop also performs routine maintenance and repairs, including oil change, tire rotation, brake repair, transmission repair, filter replacement, car diagnostic test, and more.