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Don’t trust your transmission repair to just any San Dimas auto repair shop – trust it to the best in the area! At Johnny’s Auto Service, we work with ASE-Certified technicians and advisors in our AAA-Approved auto repair shop. With regular transmission service, you may be able to avoid many transmission issues, but it’s always possible that something happens that we can’t prevent. When that happens, we can fix transmission problems with relatively little trouble in a variety of makes and models.

Transmission Repair San Dimas

Keeping up with routine maintenance is bar-none the best way to keep your car in good condition and prevent a variety of more serious repairs in the future. For the transmission repair you can’t prevent, you can always come see us near San Dimas. Our shop is in Covina, which serves the surrounding areas, and many of our customers come from all over for the service we provide. Your transmission is a vital part of your car, enabling you to shift gears in both manual and automatic. Each type of transmission has its own capabilities and issues, so it’s important you see an experienced professional technician for your transmission service. With regular maintenance, you may never have to repair or replace parts of your transmission system. One of the biggest issues we see is drivers who neglect strange sounds from their car, or who don’t have their transmission fluid changed often enough. Without having these issues checked regularly, you could be doing serious damage to your car that results in a costly, but preventable, repair bill.

In addition to transmission repair, we also provide San Dimas area drivers with other repairs and services, including oil change, brake repair, fluid replacement, tire rotation, air filter replacement, engine diagnostics, and more. If you have any questions or would like a second opinion on a repair cost you’ve been quoted, you can find our shop at 239 E San Bernardino Rd Ste A, Covina, CA. Give us a call at 626-966-5212 to make an appointment.