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Is it time for a brake service for the car you drive around Covina on a daily basis? If you visit Johnny’s Auto Service and have a regularly scheduled maintenance, you can request a brake inspection to be completed to learn what level your brakes are at and how long you can drive until you need to have new brakes installed. If you’ve started to hear the indicator rubbing on the rotors, it’s time for your brakes to be replaced so that you can have the stopping power that’s needed while you drive.

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brake inspection doesn’t take long and when you bring your vehicle to Johnny’s to have this service performed, you can experience the comfort and convenience of their waiting room and the free Wi-Fi services offered. Whether you need new brakes or want to know how much longer you can drive with the brakes you have, the team at Johnny’s can offer you the brake service you’re looking for so that you can drive with confidence in Covina. Take advantage of the comfort of the waiting area while this expert team takes a look at your brakes.

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When you need new brakes and have begun to hear the indicator rubbing on the rotors, don’t delay this auto service. A brake service and brake repair can be costly if you keep driving on the roads in Covina with brakes that need to be changed. The team at Johnny’s Auto Service will provide you with a brake inspection and let you know what needs to be replaced when it’s time to have your brakes taken care of. As one of the most important parts of your car, don’t ignore your brakes, change the pads when needed and save money on the brake service provided.