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Is your vehicle in need of an oil change in Covina? Come to Johnny’s Auto; our skilled and trained technicians will take care of you in no time! Better yet, we work quickly, efficiently, and affordably, meaning you’ll be back on the road in no time! 

We know how inconvenient it can be to need car maintenance service. Yet, without it, your vehicle won’t run properly and will possibly even break down. Don’t ignore the warning signs—visit our shop for high-quality service today! 

Oil Change Covina


If you listen closely, your automobile will speak to you. What will it say? It will alert you when it’s time to see an ASE-certified technician at Johnny’s Auto. Specifically, there are warning signs that your vehicle needs an oil change in Covina. These warning signs include: 

  • Consistent Engine Noises, Knocking 
  • You Smell Oil Inside Your Car
  • Thick, Excessive Exhaust Smoke 
  • The Vehicle Leaks Oil 
  • Oil Appears Dark, Dirty 
  • Check Engine or Check Oil Light Comes On

When you experience one or more of these issues, there is a very good chance your automobile requires car maintenance service. Remember, ignoring the issue won’t make it go away, and can actually cause it to get worse. Other maintenance services we provide include: 

  • Smog Tests and Repairs 
  • Brake Service 
  • Transmission Repair 
  • Fluid Exchanges 
  • Check Engine Light Repair 
  • And More! 

I just had my oil change, very impressive. Reasonable priced, and very nice.

John Villalobos

You can trust Johnny’s Auto to take care of your vehicle needs accurately and effectively—the first time you visit us, too. We are AAA-approved (only five percent of shops in Southern California are approved) and guarantee your complete satisfaction. This process will be simple and convenient for you, so don’t delay it another minute.


You can rely on Johnny’s Auto to handle your oil change in Covina today! To schedule an appointment, contact us by calling (626) 966-5212. You deserve the best service available, and we’ll make sure you get it!