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Your Best Choice For Brake Repair in Covina, CA

When it comes to finding the most qualified auto repair shop to work on your braking system, look no further than our auto repair shop in Covina! With 12 service bays and a top notch, ASE-Certified team of technicians to serve you, there is no more qualified choice for brake repair service than us!

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Very Well Qualified & Experienced Technicians

As an ASE Blue Seal of Excellence auto repair shop, we employ some of the finest, most experienced ASE-certified auto technicians in Southern California that are very well qualified to work on nearly every make and model vehicle on the road.

  • We have decades of combined auto repair experience
  • We are true auto repair experts
  • Our extensive experience means you have an eagle eye looking over your vehicle.
Quality Brake Repair Parts Used By Johnnys Auto Service

Did you know that poor quality brake parts can cost you valuable stopping distance?

Its true! Inferior quality brake parts or improperly matched brake parts can greatly affect the performance of your braking system and cause you to need more time and distance to slow your car down in time!

  • Low quality brake parts can increase your stopping distance by more than 20 feet!
  • Low quality brake parts are more prone to noisy operation, vibrations and premature wear!

We use only the highest quality brake pads, shoes. rotors and drums designed specifically for your vehicle and provide you with an ironclad 2-year, 24,000 mile warranty on both parts and labor!


We Offer You A 2-Year / 24,000mile Parts & Labor Warranty

We are so confident in our work that we offer an ironclad 2-year / 24,000mile warranty on both the parts we use and the labor we perform on your vehicle!


We Are Brake Repair Professionals!

Higher Quality Brake Components give you confidence and peace of mind
Regardless of your vehicles’ make, model and braking system, we are very well qualified to service the brakes on your car, truck or sport utility vehicle.

Here’s why experience matters!

We have built our business to give you the best possible brake repair service around by using top quality tools, only the best brake parts and fluids, and by employing only top-quality automotive service technicians with years of experience so that we truly are the best choice in brake repairs in Covina, CA. Need to schedule service for your brakes? Simply click the button below or give us a call at   (626) 966-5212!

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Write with these bullets in mind:

  1. We all know our brakes are extremely important.
  2. But did you know there are differences in brake services that can make a big difference in your car’s braking ability?  Did you know your car could take up to 20 feet more to stop for an emergency stop on the freeway — simply because of the quality parts that were chosen to go on the car?  Additionally, some shops use low-wage trainees to handle the service of your brakes and that can cause you serious problems when they miss something that experience would have caught.
  3. The right shop should have he experience and expertise to truthfully replace your brakes properly.  AND just as importantly use that experience to make sure the entire braking system (as well as other systems in your car) is as safe as it should be and no “surprises” occur down the road.  When rookies and wrench jockeys care for your brakes, you’re only inviting potential problems.
  4. yes, having your brakes done right the first time is critical, but some shops are CERTAINLY more qualified and expert at doing that, than others.  We’re highly skilled, certified, etc….
  5. Break up each Paragraph with a subheading that sells them on reading the text.  “The wrong brake pads could take 20 feet longer to stop in an emergency” will get them to read.
  6. “Here’s why experience matters in this critical safety system for your car”
  7. We’ve made numerous decisions in our business the give you the best possible brake service: the finest equipment, the best quality parts & fluids, and very experienced and certified service people.  All of that together means we are the best shop in Covina for your brake repairs and service.