Fluid Exchanges


fi fluid exchangesYour vehicle relies on a number of different automotive fluids to operate properly. When a fluid degrades over time or leaks out of the system, the difference is usually noticeable. Hard shifting from your transmission, more road noise than usual coming from your differential or even a whiny power steering motor are all indicative of old or lost fluid and should be your signal to seek our automotive services immediately!


Oil & Transmission Fluid Exchange

Engine oil and transmission fluid are the lifeblood of your cars’ internal combustion engine. Without engine oil your engine would seize in mere moments and without transmission fluid, your vehicle probably wouldn’t shift and if it did, the friction inside your transmission would cause itself to grind to a halt, literally. Make sure to change your engine oil regularly, every 3,000 miles and to have your transmission fluid checked every 10,000 miles! Need an appointment to have your fluids changed? Give us a call at   (626) 966-5212 or click the button below to request and appointment!

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Engine Oil Change Fluids Covina

Brake Fluid Exchange

Professional Brake Repair Brake Job Specialists Covina CA
The majority of vehicles on the road today require a type of brake fluid to actuate their braking system and effectively stop themselves. If your brake fluid has degraded or leaked, it will mean diminished braking power for you and your car, putting you at risk of an accident. Give us a call today to have us professional drain, fill and bleed your braking system today – you’ll be happy you did!

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Power Steering Fluid Exchange

Did you know that your steering system has it’s own specialized lubricating fluid similar to hydraulic fluid called “power steering fluid? Most cars from the late 80’s and early 90’s are equipped with power steering systems and this fluid needs to be changed as well! If you never knew that or don’t know the last time your power steering system was service, bring your vehicle in to have your power steering fluid exchanged!

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Power Steering Fluid Exchange Service