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Licensed Smog Check

Your best smog check station in Covina!

  • Fast, Convenient Smog Checks: We work to get you into our schedule fast and out while you wait.
  • California Smog Test & Repair Station: Most smog check companies cannot do actual smog repairs under California’s rules..So other smog stations have to send their customers to a company like us.  Why not choose a company that does it all in case you need it?

3 reasons our shop is better for your smog check

  1. Competitive rates: We keep our smog check and repair rates very competitive with other smog shops in Covina.  So, why not use a better shop for about the same price as other places?
  2. We are ALSO a Certified Repair Station:  While most smog shops CANNOT do the smog repairs, we can.
  3. Fast, while-you-wait service: Just call us to set an appointment and we’ll get your car smogged while you wait in our comfortable waiting room.

Ready to get your car smog test?

Licensed Smog Check

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