How to Choose an Auto Shop

Your car is a big investment. If you don’t own a house, it is probably the biggest purchase you have! To protect this important asset, your vehicle requires regular maintenance and, from time to time, repairs. As you know, these can be expensive—not to mention the hassle of downtime and wondering if the shop you take your car to is giving you great service at a fair price.

That’s why it’s good to have a plan for taking care of your car. Here are some tips for giving you and your car the best chance of being treated well:

Look for a Shop Now!

Don’t wait for trouble. Take time to do your shopping now so, in an emergency, you can tell a tow truck driver where to drop off your vehicle. Your time and money are too valuable to waste on a hurried, random search engine query. Look now while you have some time to do some research.

Hit Up Friends and Family

Ratings and rankings from review sites can be helpful, but who knows for sure about the motives of reviewers? Your co-workers, friends and family members are often your best resource, especially if they have been to a shop several times. Honest word-of-mouth referrals from people you trust can help you save money and avoid scammers!

Cheapest Isn’t Always Best  

It’s hard to say. The most expensive isn’t always best and the cheapest isn’t always worst, but too-good-to-be-true pricing is definitely a thing to watch out for. It is often a way to get you in the door—the real price may turn out to be much different.

Ask, Ask, Ask

Don’t be afraid to be annoying! Question the shop about their credentials, experience, customer service, and warranty policies. Service advisors that don’t have the patience to answer every question before you bring your car in probably won’t communicate well with you when describing complex procedures and options.

Estimates, not Guess-timates

Written estimates assure you the shop is not going to tack on unneeded without your knowledge. Written estimates can also help you compare apples to apples if you are comparing them from competing shops. An ethical shop will always provide you with a solid estimate and will call you when they run into complications.

The Plain Truth

Make sure you fully grasp what is wrong with your car and what your options are for fixing it.  Some shops are prone to speaking in a language those who don’t know much about cars can’t interpret. Be polite but firm. Get the real deal in words you can understand!

At Johnny’s Auto Service, we will always give you the plain truth. We’ll always talk to you—not down to you—in terms that you understand. Our friendly ASE certified service technicians will get you in and headed home quickly, usually the same day. Schedule an appointment online or call us at 626-966-5212 for maintenance and repair done right the first time!