Smog Check Covina

Looking For A Smog Test?

Don’t forget to have your next smog check done in Covina right here at Johnny’s Auto Service! We’re a certified smog check and repair station and we can perform your check quickly and without a lot of hassle. We understand how tough it can be to carve out the time, but a California smog test is required for nearly all registered California vehicles. Avoid sending in your registration late by making an appointment to get your car smogged right away.

Depending on your car’s age, you may need to have a smog check done in the Covina area every few years, every other year, or possibly every year in some cases. A car needs to be able to pass a smog test to qualify as safe to drive in the state of California, and you must have it completed before your car registration will be accepted on a given year. It’s a simple matter of taking your car to any certified smog check and repair station and letting them give you the okay. From there, the garage can send your information to the DMV directly so you don’t have to worry about it. Once it’s done, all you need to do is send in your registration fee and you’re good to go. We know that’s often easier said than done, however.

Smog Test and Repair Station in Covina

Lots of people need their vehicle to commute, drive to school, or run errands every day. Carving out time for a smog check can feel almost impossible. That’s why we do what we can to make it easy on you. Johnny’s offers complimentary shuttle service to all our local customers so you can still get to work on time or make that after-school game. Do you need other vehicle maintenance or auto repairs done? Kill two birds with one stone and have us do everything all at once, especially if we’d be working in the same area of the engine. That’ll help you save on labor costs!

No matter what, we make sure you always leave here 100% satisfied. Don’t wait too long for your next smog check and come see us at our Covina garage, conveniently located on E. San Bernardino Rd. Call us at (844) 812-3452 anytime to set up an appointment or ask questions.

Johnny’s Auto was great! They were able to repair a 34 year old car with care. The cost was reasonable and the front staff is very kind. Thank you Johnny’s Auto!

Liz Landrum