Tune Up Covina

The tune-up Covina drivers trust to keep them on the road. If you’re in Covina, come to Johnny’s Auto Service for your next tune up, scheduled maintenance , or any auto repair services. When you tune up your Covina vehicle, your engine will run smoother, you’ll save money at the gas pump, and you’ll feel better knowing that you provided your vehicle with the scheduled maintenance it needs.

How would you know if your Covina vehicle needs a tune up or car maintenance? Here are a few signs that you should bring your car in for scheduled maintenance or a tune up to our Covina location:

  • Your car or truck stalls a lot
  • Your engine feels rough when you are at idle or are accelerating
  • Your car or truck is hard to start
  • You have an unexpected drop in gas mileage
  • You hear squealing noises when you turn your steering wheel
  • The exhaust smells bad
  • You hear pings and knocks from the engine
  • Your car or truck stutters after it’s turned off

Here is a recent 5-star online review from one of our happy customer about the car maintenance experience at Johnny’s Auto Service:

“The personnel from the office staff to the mechanics were very courteous. My car was finished within hours of dropping it off. I am very satisfied by the quality of the work provided. Plus I got a 10% discount because I am a AAA member. I would recommend them to anyone looking for car repair.”  — Anonymous

Visit our Covina location today at 239 E San Bernardino Rd Ste A, Covina, CA. for an outstanding tune up and scheduled maintenance service. Call us at 626-966-5212, or simply request an appointment online. If you need to hurry off to your morning destination, feel free to complete an online early bird form for an early drop off.

Johnny’s Auto Service:  Simply Superior Service.

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